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About Me

I love solving business problems for my clients using technology. I am a hands-on technical consultant - educated to degree level in pure Accounting and specialising in technical and enterprise architecture. I have worked with some of the world's largest companies and organisations including IBM, Nokia, the Victorian Government in Australia and the European Commission in Brussels. Nowadays I help medium to large entrepreneurial businesses solve their accounting challenges through technology. 

 I love helping unleash the true potential of motivated individuals and teams - allowing them to do their best work. 

Since 1998, I've been designing and developing business software solutions for and have consulted with clients in a wide range of industries - from big banks, insurance and retail organisations to government departments in Australia and the European Commission in Brussels. I've worked for technology leaders such as IBM and Nokia and have consulted and implemented solutions that impact hundreds of thousands of users. 

In 2008 I started my business Olivitek Software on a part-time basis, moving to a full-time basis in 2013. Now, in 2019 I am launching a new business - Process Culture - which focuses on helping clients solve their business process challenges. 

I live in a hand built strawbale house in Gippsland in regional Victoria, Australia (a house I owner built in 2008) with my family and a menagerie of dog, chickens (chooks as we say in Australia) and a small mob of guinea pigs.  

.. a very talented and skilful professional, with deep understanding of technologies..
— Carlos Rodriguez, Watersure
.. a very reliable and diligent consultant and highly recommend him ...
— Julie Rogalsky, Southern GP Training